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Speech Therapy

Stuttering, language delays, articulation disorders, voice disorders, and more.

  • Maison Santé

Service Description

At its core, speech therapy is about helping individuals communicate effectively, so they can express themselves clearly and confidently in any situation. Whether you are a child struggling to communicate with your peers or an adult dealing with a speech disorder, speech therapy can help. Speech therapy sessions typically involve a combination of exercises, games, and activities designed to improve speech and language skills. These may include: -Articulation exercises to help individuals produce sounds more accurately -Language activities to improve vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension -Fluency exercises to help individuals who stutter speak more smoothly -Voice therapy to address voice disorders, such as vocal nodules or laryngitis -Cognitive-communication therapy to address communication difficulties related to cognitive impairment or brain injury 2) expediting the removal of biochemical wastes from body tissues (detoxification) 3) enhancing body fluid dynamics, facilitating edema reduction.Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained, caring experts committed to helping you find the right treatment plan. We customize the best plan of action for you.

Contact Details

  • Maison Santé - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    +971 50 900 7929

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