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IV Therapy

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Elevate your wellness journey with our IV therapy services, tailored to rejuvenate, hydrate, and boost your health from within. Perfect for those looking to enhance their energy, support immunity, and achieve optimal wellness, our IV therapy delivers essential vitamins and nutrients directly to your bloodstream for maximum absorption. Whether you're seeking to recover from a busy lifestyle, improve your athletic performance, or simply give your body the nourishment it deserves, our expertly formulated IV treatments are here to help you feel your best. Join us and discover the revitalizing benefits of IV therapy today!

Our IV drips are highest quality, designed to tackle and target the inner cause and customized based on your needs.

Service List


NAD+100 MG
Antistress and Antioxidant
Blood Boost and Iron 

Cardio Support
Diabetic Support

Energy Boost and Hydrating 

Female Balance

Glowing and Radiant Skin 

GUT Healer

Hair Regenerate

Immune Boost and Hydration

Liver Detox 

Memory Boost

Vitamin Mix 

Vitamin C 7.5 MG

 Vitamin C 15 MG 


Vitamin B500 12 MCG 

Vitamin B1000 12 MCG


*NOTE: Preventive Medicine consultation appointment has to be booked for IV Infusion/Light Therapy Referral 

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