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IV Drips/ Light Therapy

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Maison Santé's IV wellness treatments revitalize your body's nutrients effortlessly. Elevate your fitness, boost energy levels, and uplift your mood with our specialized blend of vitamin-infused fluids and minerals improves health and appearance simultaneously with ease surpassing oral intake, ensuring superior absorption rates and greater benefits compared to traditional supplementation.

Achieve your health goals and nutritional needs  effectively and see what happens when your beauty really comes from the inside!

Service List


NAD+100 MG
Antistress and Antioxidant
Blood Boost and Iron 

Cardio Support
Diabetic Support

Energy Boost and Hydrating 

Female Balance

Glowing and Radiant Skin 

GUT Healer

Hair Regenerate

Immune Boost and Hydration

Liver Detox 

Memory Boost

 Vitamin Mix 

Vitamin C 7.5 MG

 Vitamin C 15 MG 


Vitamin B500 12 MCG 

Vitamin B1000 12 MCG



Light Therapy 50 min 

Light Therapy 50 min Package (5) 

Light Therapy 30 min 

Light Therapy 30 min Package (5) 

*NOTE: Preventive Medicine Consultation Appointment Has To Booked For IV Infusion/Light Therapy Referral 

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