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Hormonal Health Screening

Explore how hormonal balance influences health with our comprehensive assessment. Our approach integrates personalized strategies to support your hormonal well-being, contributing to your energy and health.

Personal Health Consultation: An initial discussion with a functional medicine physician covering your health history, lifestyle, and any concerns, setting the stage for a customized health plan.

Follow Up Consultation with our preventive physician for the result discussion.

  • Thyroid Profile and Antibodies: Assesses thyroid hormones and antibodies to detect conditions like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, providing insight into thyroid health's impact on metabolism and energy.

  • Female or Male Hormone Profile: Evaluates essential reproductive and physiological hormones, focusing on estrogen and progesterone for women, and testosterone and related hormones for men, tailored to each gender's health needs.

  • The Stress Test, often referred to as the CAR Test (Cortisol Awakening Response), measures cortisol levels at multiple points throughout the day. It's designed to evaluate the body's stress response, which can be an indicator of overall well-being and adrenal health.

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