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We go beyond merely diagnosing and treating symptoms;
We uncover the root cause

Maison Santé Health Screenings

At Maison Santé, our focus is on preventive and integrative healthcare, using thorough analyses like comprehensive blood tests and DNA geneteic health screenings. We aim to identify and manage chronic conditions early on, such as heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

Our approach combines advanced screening techniques with holistic methods to foster long-term health and prevent disease progression, empowering our clients with knowledge and care tailored to their unique health profiles.

Through our check-up programs, we analyze your body's biomarkers to get insights into your physiological state. These biomarkers cover various aspects such as gut health, nutritional status, inflammation, immunity, cognition, longevity, and more. By analyzing these specific biomarkers, we aim to pinpoint where your health is at its best, identify potential concerns, and highlight areas for improvement. Our goal is to help you add years to your life and enhance the quality of those years by optimizing your health from the inside out.

Check-up List

Intro Health Assessment

This initial check-up is your stepping stone to understanding and enhancing your well-being from the inside out. Including analyses of blood count, vitamins, body composition, pH balance,screening for SIBO...

360 Health Check-up Package

Our Annual Check-Up package offers a thorough health evaluation, converting complex data into a clear report that underscores important indicators and potential areas of focus...

Hormonal Health Screening

h integrates personalized strategies to support your hormonal well-being, contributing to your energy and health.

Thyroid Profile and Antibodies, Hormone Profile, stress test...

Cancer Screening

Using advanced diagnostics tailored to individual risk factors and history, supporting early detection. We offer guidance and lifestyle advice to help lower cancer risks with Trucheck™ blood test and preventive medicine consultation.

MS Longevity Health Screening

Our Longevity Health Screening Package is designed with preventive healthcare in mind, incorporating a comprehensive 360-degree view of your health. Using this in depth screening, we craft a plan to reverse your biological age..

Gut Health Screening

Identifying factors affecting digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune response, such as bacterial overgrowth or food sensitivities. Through blood tests and diagnostics, we uncover issues...

DNA Genetic Health Screening

It analyses your genetic blueprint for personalized health insights, influencing lifestyle and health decisions for improved well-being. analyzing genetic markers to provide insights into health risks and conditions.

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