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Preventive Consultations

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Our ultimate aim is to assist you in achieving and maintaining your personal wellbeing, health, and happiness. Through comprehensive assessments, we aim to gain a detailed understanding of your current health status and identify areas requiring particular attention.

In our personalized approach, we consider your genetic predispositions, lifestyle, and preferences essential in recommending tests and formulating a treatment plan. Our focus is on disease prevention — the earlier, the better! Preventive medicine is designed to address all key aspects vital to your wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and regular health checks to prevent diseases before they arise.

Dr. Maria Alonso

Co-Founder & Medical Director

With a remarkable journey over 17 years, Dr. Maria Alonso is an established professional in Dubai's medical field, dedicated to integrating Preventive Medicine and holistic care. As the esteemed founder and medical director of Maison Santé, she creatively merges modern scientific methods with ancient medical traditions to promote comprehensive wellness. Her educational foundation was laid at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhems-University in Bonn, followed by a master’s degree from Dresden International University in Germany. Dr. Alonso has an extensive background in Neurology and Psychiatry and has further improved her skills with additional training in Homeopathy and Naturopathy. Today, she is dually licensed in Preventive and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a specialization that spans lifestyle medicine, mental well-being, women’s health, fertility, and gut health. Her approach is deeply influenced by Dubai's multicultural environment, enabling her to offer personalized, empathetic care aimed at empowering individuals to lead vibrant, healthy lives.

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What We

Gut health

Taking care of your microbiome is key to your immune system health. It helps reduce inflammation, optimize the absorption of nutrients, and influences your mood.

Testing your vitamin and mineral status, your microbiome, and checking you for food intolerances are some of the advanced tools we use to get the necessary information and make personalized treatments.

Natural First

We believe in using natural methods whenever possible. Our goal is to help your body heal itself, focusing on natural strategies to address health concerns and promote long-term well-being.

Hormones Harmony

Whether you're planning for a family or seeking hormonal balance, our approach blends science and natural methods. We create plans that include lifestyle tips and natural strategies to support your journey.

Women's Health  

Comprehensive support for women's well-being, personalized approaches for managing  various health needs.

Specialized care and holistic solutions for enhanced overall well-being.

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