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Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress and relate to others. Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods in therapy to help relieve mental health symptoms and help create sustainable change and growth in someone’s life.


Our nervous system impacts the way we think and how we see the world. Our experiences, traumas, relationships, genetics, and our environment growing up all impact how our nervous system and brain operates. When our nervous system is dysregulated, we have difficulty regulating our own emotions, coping with stress and change, feeling grounded and safe in ourselves, and having positive communication in relationships.


Our mission at Maison Sante, is to provide our clients with a safe, healing space to alleviate their symptoms and help create sustainable growth and health. Our goal in therapy sessions is to help empower our clients to feel safe in their bodies and understand the mind-body connection related to their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, traumas, and relationships. Understanding our thoughts and emotions and how to process them, is part of the self-awareness process in therapy.

The secure relationship built between client and the therapist is one of the important steps for healing. It’s different than the everyday relationships that we form and maintain in our daily lives. It’s unbiased and non-judgmental which helps the client fell free to disclose and discuss very personal and sensitive issues, some which can be damaging and creating burdens that are increased after many years. Therapy presents the client an opportunity for self-exploration in a protected and secure environment, and a therapist inspires a client to be themselves without the pressure to censor or conform


We are here to help increase mental health awareness throughout the UAE by showing that therapy is for everyone and helping to end the stigma that mental health is only for people with something “wrong” with them. As a society, we go see medical doctors when we have physical symptoms and likewise should normalize seeing a Psychologist/Psychotherapist when we have mental health symptoms. We are here to create the awareness that mental health is health.


Individual therapy sessions are confidential 50 minutes in length for both adults and adolescents, 90-95 minutes in length for couples either in person or online through Zoom. We will work on identifying the root cause of symptoms utilizing evidence-based treatments to help resolve it. During this process, clients will explore and reframe negative beliefs and thought processes that prevent them from achieving their ultimate goals by reprocessing trauma, developing mindfulness strategies, positive coping mechanisms, and overall positive emotional health.

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