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IV Laser Therapy

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Discover the simplicity and potential of IV laser therapy, designed to support your body's natural processes. This therapy introduces light energy into the bloodstream, aiming to assist with overall well-being. It's a choice for anyone looking to maintain their health, support their body's natural defences, improving gut health, reducing systemic inflammation and provide general support to their system. Whether you're navigating the challenges of daily life, seeking to maintain your physical condition, or just curious about new ways to support your health, our IV laser therapy offers a straightforward approach. Join us to learn more about how IV laser therapy can be a part of your wellness routine.

Service List


Light Therapy 50 min 

Light Therapy 50 min Package x5

Light Therapy 30 min 

Light Therapy 30 min Package x5

*NOTE: Preventive Medicine consultation appointment has to be booked for IV Infusion/Light Therapy Referral 

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