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MS Longevity Health Screening

Our Longevity Health Screening Package is designed with preventive healthcare in mind, incorporating a comprehensive 360-degree view of your health. Using this in depth screening, we craft a personalised plan to reverse your biological age based on a multi-disciplinary approach. This includes prescribing therapeutics, supplements, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. It aims to support your health and vitality over time and lead a disease-free life for longer. This approach is about supporting a life of activity and well-being, striving to keep you functioning at your best throughout different stages of your.

Functional Medicine Consultation

Consult with our esteemed functional medicine doctor who will gather your medical history. This information will help gain valuable insights into your health to identify the root cause(s) of the illness, including triggers such as poor nutrition, stress, toxins. This consultation forms a crucial part of your journey toward improved well-being.

Follow Up Consultation with our preventive physician for the result discussion.

Tests and Assessments:

  • Body Composition Analysis (BCA) offers a comprehensive view of your health by breaking down your body into muscle mass, fat, and water. This detailed assessment is crucial for designing a tailored well-being plan, taking into account the unique composition of your body. Understanding the balance between muscle, fat, and water can guide in optimizing health and fitness goals, making BCA a valuable tool in your health journey.

  • PH Assessment: Evaluate your body's pH levels, providing insights into your acid-base balance.

  • Nitric Oxide Indicator Test: Assess nitric oxide levels, a key determinant of cardiovascular health and circulation efficiency.

  • Comprehensive blood panel: Our Comprehensive Blood Panel offers an extensive overview of your health through various biomarkers. It includes a Complete Blood Count; fasting glucose & insulin, and HbA1C levels to assess metabolic health; TSH levels for thyroid function; a full lipid profile to evaluate risks for cardiovascular disease; a liver profile for liver function; and other critical markers such as uric acid, kidney function tests, and a urine analysis to provide a complete picture of your overall health.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Assessment including Vitamin D3, B12, Zinc, Iron, Ferritin, Calcium and more.

  • Omega 3 & 6 check offers a detailed assessment of various fatty acids in the body. It evaluates the levels of Omega 3, which are crucial for cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and anti-inflammatory processes, as well as Omega 6, which are important for energy and supporting healthy skin and bones.

  • Heavy Metals and Minerals Test analyzes the levels of various essential minerals and toxic heavy metals in the body. This test can help identify potential exposures or deficiencies that may impact health.

  • The GI Effect™ Comprehensive Stool Test: Uses advanced technology to analyze your gut health comprehensively. It checks for microbial balance, digestion efficiency, and pathogens through stool samples, offering insights into gut flora, intestinal integrity, and inflammation. This helps identify digestive issues and guide specific treatments for better gut health.

  • Truage™ biological age test is designed to assess an individual's biological age, which may differ from their chronological age. This test analyzes biomarkers related to aging processes to provide insights into one's health and longevity.

  • Cognitive Assessment: Our comprehensive cognitive assessment evaluates various aspects of cognitive function to support your mental well-being.

  • The Stress Test, often referred to as the CAR Test (Cortisol Awakening Response), measures cortisol levels at multiple points throughout the day. It's designed to evaluate the body's stress response, which can be an indicator of overall well-being and adrenal health.

*The following tests are optional and are conducted at our partner hospital. They are available at an extra cost, providing access to advanced diagnostic tools for a thorough health evaluation.

  • The Full Body MRI* is a non-invasive scan that provides a detailed image of the inside of the body, used for comprehensive screening for signs of disease.

  • Coronary CT Calcium Scoring* is a heart scan that looks for calcification in the coronary arteries, which can be an early sign of heart disease.

  • A DEXA Scan* measures bone density and assesses the risk of osteoporosis.

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