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Check-Up Programs


At Maison Santé, our focus is on preventive and integrative healthcare, using thorough analyses like comprehensive blood tests and DNA geneteic health screenings. We aim to identify and manage chronic conditions early on, such as heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

Our approach combines advanced screening techniques with holistic methods to foster long-term health and prevent disease progression, empowering our clients with knowledge and care tailored to their unique health profiles.

Through our check-up programs, we analyze your body's biomarkers to get insights into your physiological state. These biomarkers cover various aspects such as gut health, nutritional status, inflammation, immunity, cognition, longevity, and more. By analyzing these specific biomarkers, we aim to pinpoint where your health is at its best, identify potential concerns, and highlight areas for improvement. Our goal is to help you add years to your life and enhance the quality of those years by optimizing your health from the inside out.

Our Check-Up Programs: 

Intro Health Assessment

Step onto the path of health optimization with our Intro Health Assessment. Tailored to your unique biomarkers, this initial check-up is your stepping stone to understanding and enhancing your well-being from the inside out.

DNA Health Screening

Discover your genetic predispositions and unlock personalized lifestyle and health strategies with a detailed DNA analysis, guided by a consultation with our preventive physician.

Gut Health Screening

Explore your digestive health with a thorough assessment including advanced stool testing and food intolerance analysis, providing a holistic view of your gut health for enhanced wellness.

Cancer Screening

Prioritize early detection with our Trucheck™ test, capable of identifying ~70 types of solid tumours, covering ~81% of all cancer cases and ~84% of cancer-related deaths. The service includes a personalized health consultation.

360 Health Check-Up Package

Tailored for yearly health maintenance, it includes health and nutritional assessments, heart health checks, and detailed blood panels covering a wide range of health markers to ensure continuous monitoring and optimal well-being.

MS Longevity Check-up

This package offers a holistic approach to health, encompassing functional medicine consultation, advanced blood panels, omega levels, and cutting-edge assessments like biological age testing and stress evaluation, along with comprehensive body scans.

Hormonal Health Check-up

Focus on hormonal balance and vitality with a comprehensive insight into your hormonal health, guiding you toward optimized health and well-being.

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