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Dr. Maria Ridao Alonso, Co-founder and Medical Director was in talks with Helen Farmer from Dubai

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Few of the talking points involved:

1) There is no age limitation for a Preventive Medicine consultation, “prevention should start as early as possible”. The main goal of Preventive medicine is to improve patients’ health and well-being and ultimately prevent any disease.

2) It is extremely important to understand the patient’s history; which includes an in-dept assessment of their overall body function and lifestyle (sleep, physical activity, food habits, etc).

3) Offer a personalized solution, regardless the symptom being specific or local. It’s extremely important to find the root cause of symptoms. The idea of Preventative Medicine to treat the symptom from the core and not just give a temporary relief.

4) Probiotics can be beneficial for all people, especially after taking antibiotics. Consumption of the right probiotics, can positively affect the diversity of your gut microbiome and improve immunity

5) Even in a sunny place like UAE, it is very common to see people with very low levels of Vitamin D, which is having an adverse effect on their immune system, gut health, mood etc.

About Dr. Maria Ridao Alonso

Co-Founder & Medical Director of Maison Santé, Dr Maria began her journey 18 years ago with the dream of bringing preventive medicine and holistic care to Dubai.

A pivotal part of this journey was her role as medical director at a leading medical centre for complementary medicine in Dubai, seeing and educating clients as well as raising public awareness about the importance of preventive and holistic medicine.

Dr. Maria Alonso obtained her medical degree from Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelm University, Bonn (Germany) and her Master’s Degree from Dresden International University (Germany). She has worked in psychiatry and neurology at MHH Hannover and other clinics in Germany.

Dr. Maria has additional training in homeopathy and naturopathy. Now she holds dual licenses in preventive and Traditional Chinese medicine, specializing in lifestyle medicine, mental well-being, women’s health, fertility and gut health. Living in Dubai has given her a unique expertise and appreciation of the diverse culture and lifestyle, allowing her to provide a highly personalized, compassionate approach that empowers both men and women to live their brightest, healthiest life.

About Maison Santé

Blending Eastern and Western medical knowledge, Maison Santé is a luxurious, calming home for regeneration, balance and growth of the body and mind, connecting you to an ecosystem of experts in Preventive Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy and Psychology. Advanced Diagnostics are also available, including Laboratory Investigations (food sensitivities and intolerances testing, hormones, thyroid profile, anemia screening and inflammation markers, for example), ECG and as well as Body Composition Analysis.

Maison Santé Lounge is a beautifully designed wellness space with a soothing and relaxing ambience for you to choose from a variety of carefully-sourced premium supplements or simply sit and enjoy a cup of organic coffee or tea with some healthy snacks.

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