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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

How can it benefit your body
When MLD is used to treat lymphedema following cancer treatments and to reduce pain and alleviate edema caused by venous diseases, surgery, primary lymphedema and trauma, pregnancy or scars.

What does it consist of?
MLD is gentle hand movement using a pumping action on the skin without oils. This technique is a type of skin massage, which improves lymph flow and reabsorption without increasing capillary filtration.


The theoretical bases for using such modes of manual therapy are founded on the following concepts:

 Stimulating the lymphatic system via an increase in lymph circulation

 Expediting the removal of biochemical wastes from body tissues (detoxification)

 Enhancing body fluid dynamics, facilitating edema reduction.

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Sandra Serrano Pérez is a physiotherapist, nutritionist, and Pilates instructor with a MSc in Osteopathy and an MSc in Sports Nutrition. Her philosophy involves healing by reconnecting to our bodies, finding the root-cause of chronic pain and ailments, and using personalized therapeutic methods to alleviate symptoms. By working closely with every client, she creates customized plans to build transformational habits for sustained well-being. She has an integral and global vision of health, combining nutritional planning, physiotherapy, osteopathy, therapeutic exercise, lymphatic drainage, and treatments based on immune system function. 

- Physiotherapy
- Manual Lymphatic Massage

Where to find us



Meyan Mall, 2nd Floor,

Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai,

P.O Box. 53574, UAE.


Call: 04 324 4432


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